About Segers Photography


 Huub is the main photographer and photo artist.

His interest in photography originated during

his childhood, growing up in The Netherlands.

Being fascinated by God’s Creation;

the beauty in people, nature and wildlife,

he became inspired and taking

beautiful photographs became his desire.


Ferry does most of the

administrative side of the business.

She is always alongside Huub assisting him capturing beautiful wedding day moments

with the second camera from different angles.


Being a young couple and passionate photographers with the gift to connect to the young and old alike enables them to capture the best in everyone.

As a married couple they work well together and complete each other in their work which produces wonderful photography and results.


Huub and Ferry only shoot high quality images

with the latest Canon DSLR equipment.

This high-end quality equipment is now the predominant tool of choice for Segers Photography and our clients who demand quality to capture their PRECIOUS MOMENTS

and to promote their business.